Art with words and expression 

Writing is in my blood and culture. I love the written word. It is, for me, more comprehensible and memorable than the spoken.  


On an icy mountain road, the winter sun set on my frozen thumb.  It was 1971 and I was seventeen, hitchhiking solo, chasing a dream, lost in a private struggle.  I had run away from the known (family and the trappings of home) toward the unknown (the open road and the hope of peace).  Another new target in my 3-month quest, this destination was different; no one awaited my arrival.  I was truly alone. By nightfall, I had begun my new life as a hippie chick in a Colorado ghost town.

Within four years, I had married, birthed two babies, lived icebound in the Rockies, riverside in the Sierras and back-to-the-woods in British Columbia. Within those four powerful years, the transcendent music, perfect love, and peaceful psyche of my generation filled and guided me.  In my husband’s tender care, I grew from a wounded daughter of an eccentric father into a loving woman. 

In a world fraught with apathy and despair, this book will infuse readers with hope, creativity and intelligent possibilities of a forgotten time. Quality of life is forefront in this tale, plan to taste the Tamari-soaked brown rice, smell the incense and mellow to the waft of ganja and blissful rock ‘n’ roll. 

Time it was. And what a time it was, it was
A time of innocence, a time of confidences
Long ago it must be, I have a photograph
Preserve your memories. They're all that's left you.


Journalism: sailing

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  • PNW: Marine Stewardship CW (Oct '09)

  • Provisioning at the Island Markets PY (July '09)

  •  Bella Bri  BI USA (December '08)  

  • Star Bright, Sea Light  PY (Nov/Dec '08)

  • The She in Ship  PY (Nov '08)

  • Effingham Bay  BWS (Oct '08)

  • Gitana and the Rothschilds  BI USA (Sept '08)

  • Soul & Spirit  BI USA (August '08)

  • Gitana 13 Strikes Again  BWS (July '08)

  • Gitana 13: Blue Water Dispatch  BWS (May '08)

  • The Promise of the Cork  Dockside (Feb '08)          Boating Writers International- 2008 award winner

  • Look Before You Leap  PY (Jan/Feb '08)

  • Riding the 125°W South  PY (Nov '07)

  • Making Every Day Count  CW (Oct '07)

  • The Cruising Life for Me  Dockside (Sept '07)

  • Sailing into the Night  Sailing (Sept '07)        Boating Writers International- 2007 award winner

  • Handoff –Farallon Islands  CW (Aug '07)

  • Effingham Bay  PY (July '07)

  • A Woman’s Prerogative  PY (May '07-cover)

  • What, Me Kayak?  PY (Spring '07)

  • What, Me Kayak?  Northwest Travel (Sept '06)

  • Women and the Cruising Life  BWS (June '06)  

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  • Lia Fail  BI-USA (Nov '05)

  • The Promise of a Cork  BWS (April '04)

  • Whirlaway  BI-USA (April '04)     

  • Stolen Year/Day 119  Lats & Atts (March '04) 

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  • Seasons of Sailing  CW (May '03–cover story)   

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  • A Woman’s Prerogative  PY (Sept '02)   

  • Steep Seas & Blue Whales  Lats & Atts (Sept '00)

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  • Passion for Pizza  CW (Aug '97)

Taking More Than the Helm: PY column

  • Cruising with Mom: Spring '09 Boating Writers International- 2009 award winner

  • Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway: Jan/Feb '09

  • Sail Training Adventures: Nov/Dec '08

  • Old Traditions, New Horizons: Sept/Oct '08

  • Abandon Ship: July/Aug '08

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  • A Winch-Cleaning Wench: Nov/Dec '07

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  • Sweet and Salty:   July/August '07

  • (Publications: CW: Cruising World, PY: Pacific Yachting, BI USA: Boat International USA, BWS: Blue Water Sailing, Lats & Atts: Latitudes & Attitudes)


environment-nonfiction: WATER: By any name, it is LIFE

From the sky, the tap, the river, or the sea, it enters our lives everyday, forever. From amniotic fluid and mother’s milk to warm compresses and ice chips, water sustains us. It is the lifeblood of all of humanity, indeed of all life on earth. Although some recognize the value and sacred nature of water, too many take this essential resource for granted. It is precious, it is delicious, it is powerful, it is beautiful. But water does not belong to anyone; it belongs to everyone.